Get customer feedback and grow faster

Customer Feedback is the easiest way to capture real-time customer feedback through an online community forum.

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Get customer feedback and grow faster
A really customer friedly tool

Customer Feedback is the easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers

Fewer issues for your team, a better customer experience. It will be set up in minutes
A customer GAME: Gather, Analyze, Make and Engage
Gather customer feedback
Gather customer feedback

Discover valuable customers’ attitudes and problems

Customer feedback is invaluable for your company no matter the size. It's enable you to iterate by refining and improving the platform, customer experience, and increase your customer value.

Find out what customers really think of your website while they are using it.
Make your customers happy by co-building a company features roadmap from their ideas.
Analyze customer needs

Translate what a customer want into needs and prioritize them

Based on ideas that come directly from your customers, you’ll be able to build a solution that customers will love and remain loyal to.

If you truly know what a customer wants means you understand what will best serve your customers better than they do.
Your team will be able to evaluate, enhance, and prioritize the customer ideas best suited for implementation.
Analyze customer needs
Make killing features
Make killing features

Valuable customer feedback lets you make high-confidence decisions regarding product and business growth.

Stop building what and how you think your customers want. See which features are most requested, and clarify use cases up front. Time is priceless. Don't make the wrong things.

Customer Feedback help you to incorporate website features customers want without sacrificing functionality.
Take immediate action on customer feedback
Engage your customers

Make your customers part of your team by listening and recognizing them.

A new feature needs to solve a problem for your customers. Don't build it without telling him. It's crucial to be in touch to demonstrate they are really valuable for you.

The most successful online companies are customers centric, thinking on them with every decision they make. A key to keep that customer focus is understanding what customers want and timely responding.
Keep the feedback loop working as one of your main growth source
Engage your customers

Features that our customers want

We are the first to see what you're asking.

customer friendly
For all skill levels. No software download or technical skills needed.
Mobile optimized
Your customers can access from anywhere and any device
Keep your visual identity to keep your customers confidence
Privacy setting
Set what kind of customer can see and interact with your forum
Learning from our customers

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Reasons to invest in customer feedback

Why our customers choose us

Reduce time and cost of customer support
Make your customer service process effortless by knowing the main customer pains and offering proper answers
Start up a constant brainstorming for your dev team
Your customers are a power plant of valuable ideas and the strongest prioritizing tool for product managers
Train your marketing team by giving them valuable insight
Gathering customer feedback allows you to know not only what they want but also how to talk to them.
Understanding customers

What a customer want?

It's your fuel. Regarding growing a Saas company it's a core input. It allows you to improve not only your product but your customer service and sales strategy. What customers wants are everything that a customer can articulate as a feature request.

User is anybody who uses our products and services. This includes a wide range of people, from simple visits to people that actually need your solution.

who customers are
what they want to do
what they want to do

In order to help these customers do something they need to do we need to really profile our customers
The better you know and understand your customers, the more likely you are to get their love by offering a product that really works well for them.

Customer Feedback helps you to understand your customers

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Customer Feedback allows you to understand how getting happier, more loyal customers, and better business results.

To improve customer experience, start by observing how customers interact with your product
We want to help you. Customer Feedback is a SaaS (software as a service) for support, sales, and customer engagement to create powerful customer relationships.